Principal: Ms. Carolyn Russell-Walker

Site Facilitator: Ms. Kimberly Clark Moss

School Website

School Coordinators:

Ethelyn J. Willis: ewillis@bhm.k12.al.us
Erica Jones: emay2@bhm.k12.al.us

Ms. Kimberly Clark Moss

GEAR UP Birmingham Site Facilitator

Phone: 205-249-2008

Email: kmoss@bhm.k12.al.us

Twitter: @kimberlycmoss

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Kimberly Clark Moss is a proud graduate of Jackson State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Elementary Education. She also graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with an Educational Specialist degree in Elementary Education and certification in Educational Leadership. She has served as a teacher, curriculum coach, adjunct professor, and educational consultant. She is devoted to developing the whole child, academically, emotionally, and socially. Kimberly created, Kimative Tutorial Services, where she tutors students in reading and mathematics. Kimberly and her two children, Antonio and Antoinette founded the Clark Establishment, where they provide book bags with school supplies for elementary children in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area.

Kimberly is active in her community; she is a member of the American Heart Association Heart Guild and the Worship Center Christian Church. She is also a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Kimberly is committed to fostering a positive learning environment where there is a well-defined accountability system in place to ensure student success. She is passionate about serving others, and strives to have a positive impact on all.

Shelbe Arrington 

Student Ambassador, 11th grade

My responsibilities as an ambassador: I believe that my responsibilities as a student ambassador is to lead when no one is looking, to enrich people with the knowledge GEAR UP, and share my experience of GEAR UP.
Why I decided to become a student ambassador: The reason why I chose to become a student ambassador is to help me widen my horizon on how to be a better leader and to improve my outlook on the world.
A short fun fact about myself: I am very inquisitive and I enjoy history.

Kobe Jennings

Student Ambassador, 12th grade

My responsibilities as an ambassador: I am a student ambassador that makes a commitment to the mission of GEAR UP Birmingham.
Why I decided to become a student ambassador: So, I can let my peers know of all the wonderful opportunities that is out there for us.
A short fun fact about myself: I like to meet new people.

Lindsey Arrington-Williams 

Parent Ambassador

My responsibilities as an ambassador: As an ambassador I try to encourage other parents and students throughout Birmingham City Schools System to take part in GEAR UP events and activities.
Why I decided to become a parent ambassador: I became an ambassador because I’ve seen how great this program is first-hand. Not only is my daughter excited to go to college, but she is already preparing as a freshmen. GEAR UP gives her the tools to make college a reality.
A short fun fact about myself: I like NASCAR.

Kimbroughery Jennings 

Parent Ambassador

My responsibilities as an ambassador: My duties are based on the relationship between GEAR UP Birmingham and the Birmingham City Schools. I have a long-standing alliance and  partnership with GEAR UP, and as an active ambassador I participate in many social and cultural events.
Why I decided to become a parent ambassador: To ensure my son’s school success, I wanted to be actively involved in his education.
A short fun fact about myself:  I love to take photographs!


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