Welcome to the GEAR UP Birmingham resources page. At GEAR UP Birmingham we are committed to providing students, families, educators and community stakeholders with the necessary tools needed to support our cohort students. The resources below are intended to help our students successfully navigate through high school.

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Financial Literacy & Planning

GEAR UP Birmingham is committed to assisting parents and students with sustaining a healthy financial lifestyle. Parents and students are provided an opportunity to learn about topics such as financial aid and costs associated with

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college, consumer budgeting, tax preparation, credit repair, debt literacy, college saving plans and college financing options.

Academic Tutoring

GEAR UP Birmingham’s academic tutoring services provide additional instruction designed to increase academic achievement of GUB students. Tutoring occurs in a one-on-one and/or small group setting during normal school hours.

Comprehensive Mentoring

GEAR UP Birmingham students have access to comprehensive mentoring services that assist them in addressing various needs such as academic success and social, organizational and life skills development. Below you will find links to several websites

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that offer insights to improve life skills and knowledge for not only students but parents, teachers and the community alike.

College Awareness Services

GEAR UP Birmingham’s college awareness services span from a spectrum of activities that can consist of college counseling, college advising and academic planning. Students receive college awareness support in the form of course selection, college major

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selection, college tours, application services, assessment advising, placement test preparation (e.g., ACT), FASFA completion, access to scholarship search platforms and more.

Parent & Student Tuition Waiver

GEAR UP Birmingham is proud to partner with the Alabama Community College System to offer college tuition waivers to all GEAR UP Birmingham students and their eligible legal guardians. Legal guardians of GEAR UP Birmingham’s cohort are eligible for

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a tuition waiver to an approved two-year college or technical institution in the state of Alabama. The waiver is only applied towards tuition, and the awardee will be responsible for all other school related expenses. Parents will be able to renew the waiver each year. GEAR UP Birmingham students are also eligible for a two-year college tuition waiver upon completion of high school.

College Exploration & Planning

GEAR UP Birmingham partners with local businesses to provide individual and/or small group support to assist students with career interests, career planning and internships. Additionally, students have opportunities to participate in job site visits and job

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shadowing. This, in turn, reinforces the link between classroom learning and work requirements. Students are afforded the opportunity to observe first-hand the work environment, occupational skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options.


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