GUB/UWCA Individualized Summer College & Career Enrichment Experience

GEAR UP Birmingham (GUB) is proud to partner with United Way of Central Alabama(UWCA) to offer GUB cohort students an opportunity to participate in an individualized summer college & career enrichment experience! How does it work?

  • Find one summer camp or enrichment opportunity that peaks your interest.
  • Complete the GEAR UP Birmingham application process and indicate the camp or enrichment opportunity in which you’d like to participate.
  • Provide information regarding the camp or enrichment opportunity
  • Camp/Enrichment Opportunity cost
  • Camp/Enrichment Opportunity dates
  • Parent/Guardian and student personal contact information

Once you’ve completed the application, someone will contact you to let you know if you have been selected to move forward with “officially applying” for the camp/enrichment opportunity of your choice. 

  • You may only select ONE camp/enrichment opportunity 
  • Camp/Enrichment experience MUST be college and/or career focused—NO Athletic camps
  • The camp/enrichment opportunity MUST be under $800.00 (eight hundred dollars or less)– NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Transportation to these camps/enrichment experiences WILL NOT be provided. Participants must provide their own transportation to and from the said camp/enrichment experience
  • We CANNOT reimburse parents/guardians/students for camp costs that they incurred as a result of paying for the camp themselves. 
  • Students MUST meet the camp’s specific requirements, if any, for the camps in which they choose
  • The camp officials MUST be willing to accept payment from UWCA on the campers’ behalf 


  • These are NOT GEAR UP Birmingham sponsored camps, so you MUST go through the organization’s normal camp selection process to be accepted as a camp participant. 
  • UWCA and GUB will not be responsible for providing transportation for students to attend these individualized summer enrichment opportunities. UWCA & GUB are only committing to paying up to $800.00 (eight hundred dollars) for the camp/enrichment fee.
  • You will be required to complete all official camp paperwork for the organization in which you seek camp fee assistance. 
  • You MUST meet the particular camp/enrichment organization’s registration deadline. You will be required to complete all camp registration paperwork in a timely manner in order to give UWCA and GUB time to submit payment on your behalf.

 *Failure to complete paperwork in a timely manner can result in a missed opportunity to attend the camp of your choice.  Space is limited, so locate a camp soon to become eligible to receive a camp/enrichment fee waiver.

Additional Information coming soon.


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