Jefferson State Community College

Jefferson State Community College, as a comprehensive, public, two-year, community college, exists to provide an educational environment in which the needs of the individual student, the community, and other target audiences can be met. Within this educational environment, Jefferson State endeavors to make collegiate education accessible to all who seek it and in a manner consistent with the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the Alabama Community College System. The college is dedicated to offering programs and activities that reflect those characteristics that help define an educated a person. These characteristics include a level of general education that enables the individual to understand his or her culture and environment; the development of skills in analysis, communication, quantification and synthesis is necessary for further growth as a lifelong learner and a productive member of society; the identification of a system of personal values based on accepted ethics that lead to civic and social responsibility; and the attainment of skills that enhance the development of leisure activities and a healthful lifestyle. These characteristics are attained not only through organized courses and programs, but also through the intellectual and social climate of the college and through a variety of social, cultural, civic and other educational activities that are offered based on the needs of the community.


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