Congratulations to Ms. Cheryl Wright!

GEAR UP Birmingham Parent Tuition Waiver Recipient, Cheryl Wright, is a recent graduate of Lawson State Community College. Ms. Wright was one of hundreds of degree candidates from Lawson State’s graduation commencement in December. Ms. Wright attended a parent meeting to hear about scholarship opportunities for her cohort son to attend college tuition-free and discovered that GEAR UP also offered a tuition waiver for GEAR UP parents. After deciding to attend Lawson State Community College, she knew there would be challenges of being out of school for over 20 years, but her determination to succeed motivated her to complete the courses. Her son, Deven was very supportive and is a GEAR UP student at Ramsay High School who will also be graduating this year. We are so proud of her accomplishments and achievements at the college. Through her hard work and dedication, she graduated with Distinction Honors in Medical Billing & Coding. Ms. Wright, we salute you and congratulate you on your recent accomplishments! 


If you are a GEAR UP parent and would like more information, see brochure below.
GEAR UP Birmingham is proud to partner with the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) to offer college tuition waivers to GUB students and their eligible legal guardians. The waiver is available to the students of the Birmingham cohort upon successful completion of high school who meet the specified criteria for college admission. The GUB College Tuition Waiver is also available to the legal guardians of GUB students who are currently enrolled in the cohort and qualify for admission at any two-year institution or technical college within the ACCS.


(BCS High School Seniors who opted in) Complete the GEAR UP Last Dollar Tuition Waiver Scholarship Application. Students are urged to complete the process before the March 1, 2020 deadline. Visit for more details.


Complete the GEAR UP Parent Verification Application and submit to the site facilitator at your child’s high school. NOTE: If you do not have a certificate or degree, you will receive a waiver eligibility letter from your child’s GEAR UP cohort. If you have a degree or certificate, your application will go to the advisory committee for review. If approved by the advisory committee you will receive a waiver eligibility letter from your child’s GEAR UP cohort.Visit for more details.


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