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Lawson State is an institution with a rich history of academic achievement and an unmatched record of community leadership and service.   The college is proud of its ability to provide seamless administrative processes and educational support services for students and other constituents.    As President, I am committed to student success and excellence in teaching and learning.  Consequently, the college offers an affordable and flexible education that is comprehensive, innovative, technology rich and designed to meet the diverse education needs of constituents in Jefferson County.  The college has positioned itself to equip, engage and empower students to be active and responsible participants in the educational process as well as in future endeavors.  This can be accomplished through face-to-face instruction as well as  through online programs.

Automotive –

General Motors ASEP

The GM ASEP training program has combined state of the art automotive service, appropriate academic coursework, and real world internship experiences to give students the best possible preparation for a career as an automotive technician.GM ASEP teaches exclusively on current GM products. GM ASEP incorporates advanced automotive technical training with a strong academic foundation of math, reading, and electronics, and both analytical and technical skills. GM ASEP is a joint effort between GM, GM dealers, ACDelco Professional Service Center Program Member, and select colleges across the United States, Canada, China, and Ecuador.

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Automotive –

Toyota T-Ten

Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealerships across the country need well-trained technicians to keep up with the demands of their service departments. Toyota created T-TEN to help aspiring technicians get the training they need to quickly fill those positions and begin interesting and rewarding careers.

T-TEN is a partnership among Toyota, community colleges and vocational schools, and Toyota and Lexus dealerships across the country. Together, they provide state-of-the-art automotive training in both a classroom and dealership setting. As a T-TEN student, you will learn-and earn-in a supportive environment while receiving instruction from factory-trained teachers and guidance from dealership mentors. You will graduate from the program with the confidence, skills and certifications needed to launch yourself on a challenging and profitable career.

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Automotive –


Truck Technician

The Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technology program prepares students to diagnose and repair mechanical problems with all components of diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks and equipment. The program involves on-campus classroom and laboratory sessions, as well as realworld opportunities to reinforce skills through work experiences in the diesel mechanics industry. Students will complete this program with the knowledge they need to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace.  This program consists of one A.O.T. degree option, one Certificate, and one abbreviated Certificate.

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The Automated Manufacturing is a multi-discipline program which includes robotics, electrical, machine tool, industrial electronics, automated manufacturing and industrial maintenance. Automation technicians may have a variety of job titles, depending on their specific duties and the industry in which they work. Formal training should cover four basic areas: mechanics, electronics, computer science, and process control. These disciplines also known as mechatronics is the core of automation technology. 

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The program objective is to prepare students for the Jefferson County Barber Commission or Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Examination for professional licensure after successfully completing the academic and practical training in less than two years. The mission of the Barbering Program is to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum which prepares its graduates with marketable skills to become successful entrepreneurs. The courses taught cover both the scientific and artistic concepts of the industry. The standards of our program of study have been proven at the Jefferson County Barber Commission by our impressive passing rate of 100% over the past several years.

Students are also provided an opportunity to take advantage of an internship course available to qualified students approaching graduation. This partnership is done through industry professionals including several of our Alumni that have become shop owners or managers and willing to mentor selected students and introduce them to the day-to-day business operations of Professional Barber Styling.

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Building Construction

From the moment you begin Building Construction coursework at Lawson State, you’ll become proficient in the skills necessary to understand both the physical execution and professional organization of a construction project. You will take classes in Building Construction, where you will learn framing and formwork carpentry, structural systems, practical engineering, basic surveying, and construction management.

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Commercial Art/


Communications program is an ideal place to prepare for careers in Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration, Mass Media Design, Newspaper/Magazine Layou & Design (Print and Digital), Television/Video Design, Web Design, and Print/Publishing.

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~$27,000 – $32,000

Computer Aided

Drafting & Design

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) engineering technicians use special computer software applications to create sketches, graphics, and drawings., As members of design and production teams, architectural engineering technicians work with the architect, engineer, or project designer to create details, specifications, layouts, and graphic representations necessary for new construction developments, houses, buildings, or other infrastructure projects. Mechanical engineering technicians prepare technical drawings, specifications and plans used by production and construction workers to build everything from manufactured products for example as electronic devicesautomobiles, industrial machinery, and aircraft to structures such as bridges, oil and gas pipelines. The Computer Aided Drafting and Design Engineering Technology program at Lawson State offers opportunities in technical training necessary for students choosing a drafting/design career in the fields of architecture, construction, manufacturing, and engineering. Additional career pathways include Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 3D graphics, animation and illustration, construction management, and rapid prototyping. This program provides a strong academic and technical base, giving the graduate the needed skills and knowledge for immediate employment and the foundation for professional growth.

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Lawson State Community College Cosmetology program is one of the oldest and most established Cosmetology programs in the Birmingham area offering an affordable quality education .  Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to prepare students for the state licensure examination and successful initial employment. We have proudly produced many of the top stylist and premier beauty industry owners in the state. The Cosmetology instructors here at Lawson State are a team of dedicated industry professionals with real-world career experience and superlative training. Each Instructor focus is to successfully guide students through the program and into the industry. A cosmetology education through Lawson State Cosmetology program will enhance your creativity, teach you technical applications and finesses your customer service skills. That’s our goal and we are dedicated to achieving it.

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Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program is now providing students extensive training and development of skills to become competent in the field of Culinary Arts, foods preparation and service. Students graduating and successfully completing a program in Culinary Arts can now be awarded an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The program is housed in a brand new state of the art training facility located on the Birmingham East Campus in the AG Gaston Building. We welcome and encourage those students who have completed the previously offered Culinary Arts Short Certificate the opportunity to return for advanced training to earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The additional courses offered under the degree option will enhance your current skills and equip you with additional knowledge which can increase your employment options. Graduates can be confident in their cutting-edge employable skills this growing industry demands. Students will be provided with opportunities for workplace education incorporated into their program plans through partnerships with surrounding restaurants and hospitality services which can lead to permanent employment upon completion of studies.

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~$28,000 – $40,000

Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting is a professional career.  In order to uphold the quality education of Lawson State Community College, and to maintain the standards set by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, it is necessary to establish certain guidelines for students.

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Diagnostic Medical


The inititial focus of the program will be on Cardiac Sonography.

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Electrical Technology

This program is designed to give students a basic, beginning knowledge of the electrical trade and prepare them to enter the workplace. The program teaches terms, methods, concepts, tools, and materials that will be utilized in the electrical field.   How to Become an Electrician:Although most electricians learn through an apprenticeship, some start out by attending a technical school. Most states require electricians to be licensed. 

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Emergency Medical

Services (EMS)

The Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMS-B) program is designed to prepare individuals to provide basic health care assistance at the scene of the illness or traumatic injury. EMT classes are offered day and evening hours. The Basic Level can be completed in one semester. The faculty is committed to providing academic and clinical learning experiences that will enable the student to develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills required of the EMT. Many graduates are employed by the Birmingham area Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Services. Some graduates use the knowledge and skills they obtain to prepare them to serve their communities in Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services. Program graduates are awarded a short certificate and are eligible for consideration to take the National Registry of EMT Basic Examination which is used by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health to grant an EMT-Basic license. The program is approved by the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education and the Alabama Department of Public Health.  Pending Accreditation from the Alabama Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Services.

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Entertainment Media



The Media Production program at Lawson State encompasses the study of video production and production management, as well as critical studies of film/video.

Students learn the art of shooting and editing video, as well as scriptwriting and production planning and also explore many other areas of the production field.

Media Production students gain knowledge and skills needed for educational advancement and careers in broadcast news, television production, narrative and documentary production, Internet content production, audio production, music video production and numerous other areas of the vast media production field. The Media Production program at Lawson State offers a script to screen exploration of the media production field, meaning that students explore every aspect of the production process, from brainstorming and scriptwriting, to DVD authoring and file formatting for web delivery. The department offers state of the art equipment for student use, including tape and file-based high definition video production and a Macintosh-based nonlinear video-editing lab featuring Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and AVID Medial Composer editing software. All Lawson State Media Production students receive hands-on instruction and departmental video equipment is available for student checkout. A short certificate in Media Production (formerly Radio & TV Production) can be earned in approximately one year. 

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Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems Technology program integrate concepts, methods, and tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data, including physical, environmental, social, and economic information. An education in this rapidly growing professional and scientific field leads to careers in the public and private sectors as geographic information systems (GIS) analysts, programmers, or technicians, or as cartographers or remote sensing analysts.
GIS technologies are applied to wide-ranging fields with interests in spatially distributed information such as transportation, environmental and resource management, marketing, facility management, healthcare delivery, homeland security, agriculture, and urban planning.

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Industrial Electronics

Electronic / Electrical technicians help design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment. These technicians use the principles and theories of science and engineering to solve technical problems in wiring, construction and development of industrial systems. The Electronics program is unique because graduates wire, troubleshoot, and maintain various types of electrical, electronic, or mechanical equipment. They also install and maintain the electronic controls for machines in business and industry.

The Industrial Electronics programs provide diverse training in the career fields of Electronics, Robotics and Electrical. The certificate and degree programs consists of a group of core class that all students take. The student is then allowed to choose from a group of electives that allow the student to tailor the degree toward the field of their interest.

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Industrial Maintenance

This program is designed to teach students the skills needed to begin a career as an Industrial Maintenance Technician.
Students in the program learn theory and experience hands-on opportunities in safety, fluid power, industrial mechanics, welding, programmable logic controllers, and preventive maintenance.

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Nursing: Associate

Degree (RN)

The program is designed to educate both men and women to become Registered Nurses (RN), prepared for nursing practice and to be eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensure as an RN (NCLEX-RN). Graduates are encouraged to write the NCLEX-RN examination within 90 days of graduation.

Nursing education is comprised of both general education and nursing courses. Utilizing planned learning experiences, the curriculum for the ADN and LPN to Associate Degree Mobility programs are designed to provide the student with the knowledge and technical skills necessary for competent practice. These experiences progress from simple to complex and emphasize the acquisition of skills and the application of scientific principles necessary in caring for individual or groups of individuals who are located along the health-illness continuum and are at various stages in the developmental process. The focus of the nursing education program is to prepare a registered nurse who functions as a self-directed individual, and who accepts responsibility and accountability for his/her personal and professional behavior.

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~$50,000 – $66,000

Nursing: Pracitical

Nursing (PN)

Through an organized sequence of planned guided learning experiences, students are provided a solid foundation upon which to develop cognitive, psychomotor, and affective abilities necessary to make sound nursing decisions and to practice competently as a practical nurse. The curriculum plan provides for the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, and skills inherent in the roles basic to practical nursing practice including the roles of provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing. Graduates of the PN program are strongly encouraged to pursue advanced professional degrees.

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~$50,000 – $66,000

Nursing: Assistant/

Home Health Aid

Lawson State Community College and the Department of Health Professions officers two tracks for the Certified Nursing Assistant program.  The first track as outlined below is the Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Healthcare program taught once each semester.  The Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Program is a ten (10) semester hour certificate program designed to provide the student with the necessary theory and laboratory experiences for the development of skills required to qualify as a long-term care Nursing Assistant/ Home Health Aide. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills in communications, observations, safety, mobility/body mechanics, personal and restorative care, and infection control necessary to care for patients and clients of all ages. Upon completion of this program, the aide should be able to apply the concepts and skills in areas required by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) and the National Association of Home Care. Financial aid is available to qualified applicants for the CNA/HHA program through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  WIA is a federally funded program that assists job seekers in obtaining employment.

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~$16,400 – $29,500

Pharmacy Technician


Phlebotomy Technician

This program is designed to prepare individuals to properly collect quality blood samples from patients and communicate with the healthcare team. 

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~$21,7000 – $25,500


The plumbing program enables students to enter a field that has great reward. When a student first enters the plumbing program he or she is given an application to hold an apprentice card. After completion students have the opportunity to either join the plumbers union or work for a company. Some students take the program to add to other trades. One year after holding an apprentice card a student can sign up to take the journeyman test, which is a state license.

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Welding Technology

The Welding Technology Program at Lawson State Community College is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) and is part of the AWS S.E.N.S.E. program which allows the program to qualify welders to AWS Standards at no extra cost which is covered under tuition. The program also is a Skills USA member and participates in the Skills Alabama and Skills USA Organization. This allows students enrolled in the welding program to compete at the state level and may advance to the national level. The program also is an AWS Student Chapter which provides students the opportunity to meet industry leaders and to attend AWS meeting and field trips which provides an opportunity for students to see real world job opportunities.  The program offers several awards that may be completed in a short time period from two semesters to four semesters. Due to being associated with the AWS, the welding program provides to its student a wide variety of employment opportunities.

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~$28,000 – $47,800

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