College Prep U Prepares GEAR UP Birmingham students for College and their Career at College, Career, and Networking Camp

On June 18, GEAR UP (GUB) Birmingham students embarked on College Prep U’s College, Career, and Networking Camp. This four-day program took place on the campus of Birmingham-Southern College and helped students learn the necessary tools to prepare them for life after high school. 

“The purpose of this camp is to prepare students for college readiness,” said Katrice Perkins, Facilitator and Proxy at College Prep U. “From top to bottom, students learn what they will need for college planning and ensure they’re ready for the college experience.”

GUB cohort of students learned various lessons such as how to budget their money, the expenses of college, the different types of colleges and the general expectations to be prepared for when attending a higher education institute. The camp was an eye-opening experience for most students giving them a peak into what they can expect when attending college.

While the students found each activity valuable, they especially enjoyed the network and budget lesson. Here, students applied their critical thinking skills to budgeting and learning how money works best for each individual person. 

The lessons learned at camp also helped to improve the confidence of students. Some students even noted that this experience helped them develop their leadership skills. These learned skills are something they can continue to practice and apply in the future.

On the last day of College, Career, and Networking Camp, the students presented a final presentation of everything they learned during their time at Birmingham-Southern College. “I really did enjoy the presentation; everything learned this week was informative,” said Terrika Collins, a Ramsay High School Student. “This program has made my [future] college experience and everything I need to know about college much easier.” 

To celebrate the completion of the College, Career, and Networking Camp, students and facilitators gathered at Top Golf for lunch and golfing lessons, which gave students the opportunity to meet and network with Birmingham professionals.

Perkins’ hope is that the camp will make the students’ transition to college easier and that they know their college experience can be great. In addition, she wants the students to know, “… give yourself time to give love and to be more relational as it relates to going to college.”


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